Your Yoga Experience

Join The Seasoned House this fall for Sunday morning Yoga 10:30 - 11:30 am.

Class Description: This class will evolve into the type of Yoga class that is desired for the participants involved. Dr. Janet is trained in all aspects of Yoga, and she will provide a survey
and description of options for Your Yoga Experience. 

Bio: Dr. Janet Keeney-Valenza, Retired Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, and Tai Chi Teacher. Dr. Janet received her 6 month Yoga training at the Vivekananda Prakus’an Kendra, near Bangalore, India. In this rigorous training program, she was educated in therapeutic yoga, as well as in all aspects of Yoga class instruction, including asanas, chakra work, krias, bhundhas, Yoga philosophy, pranayamas, chanting, Yoga meditation and Yoga mentoring.

She has been doing private therapeutic yoga sessions since 1996, and teaching numerous types of Yoga classes since 2006. She has taught private family and specialty group classes, Montessori grade school P.E. classes, Montessori staff and faculty classes, Raja Yoga classes, Hatha Yoga classes, men’s Yoga classes, restorative Yoga classes, Yoga tone and trim classes, theraband Yoga classes and, “Yoga As It Is” taught in India classes, which included teaching all aspects of Yoga, over a one year period of classes.